Well hey there! And thanks so much for stopping by! I'm Stephanie, the brains...err-mess, behind this operation and I'm so happy you're here!

The husband calls me "Darlin'" but my friends call me "Steph"...original...I know.
Take it for what it's worth...you can call me whatever you'd like.

A few things you should probably know...

I'm no fashion blogger or baking extraordinaire or DIY diva, for that matter, so if that's what you're looking for, you're in the wrong place. [Also see: This Ain't No Fashion Blog]

I pretty much write about any and everything that passes through this brain of mine in hopes to document every little step of this thing we call "life". I try to keep things fun around these parts so if wit and sarcasm aren't your "thing", you're also in the wrong place. ;)

These days, our rather large and sassy Rhodesian Ridgeback turned love child, Miss Annie Oakley, has pretty much taken over 90% of my posts so don't be surprised when you see this precious face on every page:

I have a career in the natural healthcare industry in which I LOVE and I am equally passionate about healthy eating, fitness, taking care of myself, inside & out, and leading the healthiest life possible so don't ever expect to see some type of cheesy pasta dish or sugar cookie recipe on this blog...like ever

As for this handsome feller? This is Beau. And he's pretty much my main squeeze.

He's also my baby daddy! Yep-we're havin' us little one in September 2014!
Read all about my pregnancy journey here.

Beau is definitely my rock and my best friend and y'all, I just don't know what I'd ever do without him. Life with Beau is like an adult slumber party...he's pretty good at bringing out my inner youth. :) He makes appearances on this here blog every once in a while so don't be surprised if you hear from him every now and then. ;)


cucumber vodka, lip balm, cheap wine, mason jars, letters in the mail, traveling, hunting, Pinterest, photography, college football, Duck Dynasty, best friends, coffee creamer, beaches, cowboy boots, weddings and of course, being a wife.

Kick off your boots and stay a while!
At least, that's what I plan to do!
Photo credits: Sparkle Photography


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